5 Home Organization Hacks That Won’t Take Too Much Time

5 Home Organization Hacks That Won’t Take Too Much Time

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We’re all busy, so it’s often hard to find time to organize our home. This is especially true when you’re a mom with kids and a household that doesn’t quit.

Thankfully, we can make organizing our home easier on ourselves by automating some of these tasks.

The following 5 hacks will save you time without breaking your back in the process. Some may even improve your living situation!

1. Move Out of Boxes.

Boxes are great—when they’re empty and you need somewhere to put something right away. If you use them as long-term storage containers though, get ready for things to get messy; boxes don’t stack well or allow air circulation around items they contain.

Instead, store bigger items like laundry hampers, rugs, and seasonal clothes in bins or under-bed storage drawers.

5 Home Organization Hacks That Won’t Take Too Much Time
Under-bed storage drawers save space

2. Store Children’s Clothing Bins Together

Kids grow fast enough as it is; why not cut down on some closet clutter by keeping clothing bins together instead of stacked one atop another?

Storing like sizes together allows for easier sorting later—and makes for an easy grab-and-go area if you have extra hands available to lend a hand (or two).

3. Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Use Regularly

It’s hard to remember what goes where in a mess. Keep only those items you want access to at a moment’s notice; donate or sell off anything else—you likely won’t miss it and having fewer but more versatile pieces can help keep your closet organized overall.

4. Closet Space is Precious Real Estate!

Don’t let just any old item into your closets: Only give yourself room for items you truly love and use.

5 Home Organization Hacks That Won’t Take Too Much Time

Use less valuable shelf space for accessories like scarves, hats, etc., rather than random tools you rarely touch.

Try rotating items seasonally to avoid getting too cluttered or stagnant inside your closets over time!

5. Utilize Wall Racks to Maximize Limited Closet Space

Wall racks can provide added storage—either on walls that aren’t already taken up by hanging clothes or along pantry shelves next to existing stored food items—that frees up other areas for more needed items.

They also take up minimal floor space themselves, meaning you might be able to fit quite a few of them in even small spaces.

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