5 Places Where Clutter Can Hide in a Small House

5 Places Where Clutter Can Hide in a Small House

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If you have a small home, it’s crucial to be organized and to stay on top of clutter. Otherwise, your lack of space will quickly become your lack of focus as you get distracted by all those piles of stuff.

Here are five places where clutter can hide in a small house

#1 In Plain Sight

One potential problem with living in a small place is that there’s no room to hide things. Don’t let that fool you; if it has outlived its usefulness or belongs somewhere else (like storage), throw it away or find another place for it.

#2 Under Things

When you live in a very small area, every square inch of space counts. Be sure to store things properly so you don’t end up looking at them every day or hiding them behind other items (which may accidentally get used instead).

5 Places Where Clutter Can Hide in a Small House

Kitchen drawers tend to be cluttered because they contain so many different items like utensils, cooking pots/pans, and cleaning supplies. Instead of tossing everything into each drawer haphazardly, try storing similar items together in bins to avoid wasting time looking for what you need.

#3 Unused Items

If you never use something and don’t know why you purchased it in the first place, it should go back to wherever it came from.

Whether we move forward with big purchases or not, our closets aren’t getting any bigger so use your common sense when selecting new products.

You might think you’ll wear that cute pair of boots you bought but haven’t worn yet…and then spend two years convincing yourself otherwise.

#4 All Over The Place

The organization doesn’t just apply to one specific location; items should also be placed consistently throughout your space(s) so they are easier to retrieve when needed.

5 Places Where Clutter Can Hide in a Small House

For example, do you put your car keys in exactly one spot? Makeup items? Do you always put files on top of papers? Try to keep these key items consistent so locating them takes less effort.

#5 Purging Periodically

Just like in real life, routine maintenance helps keep clutter (invisible or otherwise) at bay.

Purge regular inventory monthly, quarterly, or annually depending on how much stuff you have accumulated over time and how fast it accumulates. Are those winter clothes still hanging around?

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