5 Ways to Find Community that Supports You

5 Ways to Find Community that Supports You

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A lot of us are looking for a deeper connection to other humans. It’s sometimes hard to feel like we have time or energy to make connections with new people, but when you look hard enough, you can find a community that supports you, lifts you up and makes you feel seen.

Here are 5 tips on how to find community.

1. Find Your People at Local Meetups

Search Meetup to see if there are local groups doing things you love (or want to try) in your city. If there isn’t one, consider starting your own group!

5 Ways to Find Community that Supports You

You never know what kinds of friends (and potential allies) might show up!

2. Re-Imagine Your Past

What kind of activities did you use to do as a kid? Many adults lose sight of some of their favorite pastimes during their school years, only to rediscover them later in life.

Make an effort to reconnect with old hobbies; not only will it bring back feelings of nostalgia, but it may also give you some great ideas for finding community now!

3. Build Community with Friends and Family

Time spent with loved ones is never wasted. Use holidays, birthdays, family gatherings—even happy hour—as opportunities to get closer to those around you.

4. Attend Community Activities in Person

Sometimes stepping out of our comfort zone and venturing into public can be scary, especially if our anxiety is heightened by a situation where we don’t know anyone else attending!

5 Ways to Find Community that Supports You

Give yourself a little push and keep going—it gets easier every time (promise).

5. Think Globally, Act Locally

Take part in public service projects; volunteer with organizations near and dear to your heart; join business associations.

Be cognizant of ways you can build community beyond social media posts or phone calls—getting involved with others in real life will likely increase your sense of connectedness, too.

Final Thoughts

Whatever route you take, start building strong friendships today—these interactions offer powerful tools for growth and change!

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