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As a mom, I know how important it is to have your kids develop good sleep habits. When you plan ahead and stick to a routine at bedtime, you are teaching your children valuable lessons about self-regulation.

Here are 7 ways to make bedtime enjoyable for kids:

(1) Switch off electronics 1 hour before bedtime;

(2) Have a low light nightlight in their room;

(3) Make sure your child eats a balanced meal before going to bed;

(4) Make sure they have no sugar after lunch;

(5) Put them in loose pajamas that feel comfortable on their skin;

(6) Put them in cotton socks so their feet don’t get cold during the night;

(7) and finally, nothing beats reading aloud together. Cuddle up with a book together before bed! Reading out loud can really help wind down kids.

Plus, there are many benefits of reading to our little ones: Research shows being read to helps build language skills, cognitive development and emotional intelligence. What could be better than that? Nothing! It doesn’t matter what type of story it is either, whether its long books or short stories. It can even be coloring books or comics.

The experience will bring joy to both parties involved and set a foundation for future activities like reading eBooks and websites online later in life when everyone needs distractions from their busy lives.

Your little one learns to associate emotions with certain sounds and written words, which sets them up for success when learning new things throughout their lifetime. Not only does reading teach us more words and sentence structure, but it also develops memory skills and prepares young minds for school.

Benefits of Reading Stories to Children

Many studies show that children who are read to regularly learn new concepts sooner than those who aren’t. These positive associations continue into adulthood, helping people become more empathetic listeners as well as better communicators. Some older children might not want to sit still while their parents read. That’s okay too!

Don’t force them to listen if they seem disinterested, but do keep trying; maybe you can sneak in a quick ten minutes here and there during homework time or snack time. Eventually, they’ll warm up to it! If all else fails, go digital.

Children love screens now and believe me, so do we. Apps like Disney Story Central let you record yourself reading a personalized ebook just for your child.

You can choose any character along with an interactive book where your kid can play games while listening to their favorite characters speak right back to them!

Having a hard time picking out books that appeal to boys? No problem! There are books featuring sports, trucks, animals and many more genres. This app is perfect for pre-readers as they can tap on specific words to hear you pronounce them properly.

Let your child explore different sounds by tapping buttons and moving their fingers over virtual images and photos in their very own story made just for them.

Another benefit of using apps like these is that kids can read along with a parent or other trusted adult. Simply tap record and read away!

Final Thoughts

I hope these tips help you and your family create some wonderful new bedtime memories. Good luck!

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