How to Start Meal Planning to Save Time

How to Start Meal Planning to Save Time

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Meal planning can be a huge chore and can be overwhelming. This task can be made much easier by breaking down the process into smaller parts. If you can create a plan that will help you stay on target and stay within your budget then meal planning may not seem like such a difficult task. 

Pick a day to start

The first step to meal planning is to pick a day to start. Pick a day that will go well with your lifestyle, work, family commitments, etc

Set time aside.

Next, write down the time you have set aside for meal planning. Make a list of ingredients. Now that you have allocated time for meal planning, you need to decide what ingredients you need. List out all of the ingredients you will need for the meals you are planning to cook for the week.

Efficient use of time is important to people with busy schedules. Some people skip meals if they cannot prepare food quickly and easily. For them, fast and simple meal preparations are essential to good nutrition.

A number of tools can help you make the best use of your time in the kitchen. You can use organizational skills and time-saving appliances. You can also use recipes and food products designed to speed your food preparation tasks.

Organise Work Space and Equipment

A first step for saving time in food preparation is organizing your workspace and equipment. Store kitchen utensils close to where you are likely to use them. For instance, you might store a pancake turner close to the range and a vegetable peeler close to the sink.

Keeping cupboards and drawers neat makes it easier to find the items that are stored in them. Store appliances in handy locations. If appliances are difficult to get out and put away, you are less likely to use them.

Ingredients need to be on hand when you are ready to use them. Keeping a shopping list handy will help you remember to jot down items as you discover you need them. This will allow you to avoid running to the store at the last minute to pick up missing ingredients.

Use Timesaving Appliances

Many small appliances can save preparation and cooking time. Food processors can save time when chopping, grating, or, mixing large portions of fruits, vegetables, or other ingredients. Pressure cookers reduce cooking time. Slow cookers and bread machines allow you to prepare foods in the morning and have them ready to eat at dinnertime.

Microwave ovens are useful for reducing time when cooking and reheating leftovers. Using a microwave oven can also save serving and cleanup time. This is because many foods can be cooked, served, and stored in the same container.

Consider Your Family Needs

Plan for what your family likes and what they need: it is important to be mindful about what your family likes and what they need or might need.


If you want to get started on meal planning, you should start slowly. Make a meal plan for an entire week. Then try it for two weeks, then for a month. Keep building your way up, and as you do this your shopping skills will improve, so will the quality of your cooking and so will your pleasure in eating well. I hope that these steps for starting meal planning give you some encouragement in that direction.

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