4 Tips to Overcoming A Toxic Mindset

4 Tips to Overcoming A Toxic Mindset

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Even if you’re organized, healthy, and highly productive, a toxic mindset can still drag you down. As women, we are hard on ourselves in ways that affect every area of our lives. It’s not just mentally exhausting to constantly critique yourself—it also has physiological consequences!

Being mindful of how your thoughts influence your body is key to having a successful home organization process.

The tips below will help you focus on what matters: running a happy home for yourself and your family.

1. Watch What You Say To Yourself In Your Head & Write Them Down!

Think about where these words come from. No one wants to hear negative things about themselves. If you think less of yourself than others do then ask why? Stop thinking of what you could have done differently or better and focus on what a great job you did overall! The time for critique is over now!

4 Tips to Overcoming A Toxic Mindset

Take out your journal, your planner, or a post-it note (if it’s urgent) and write down every negative thought that comes into your head about yourself.

This includes judgmental comments towards other people too! Whenever you catch yourself saying something about yourself that isn’t positive I want you to stop and replace those thoughts with at least 5 positive ones!

All it takes is 5 seconds of replacing judgments with compliments in order to change your mindset so be consistent 🙂

When enough time has passed go back and read them all. See how many positive things are written in comparison to negativity. Keep reading until there are more positives than negatives—the more positivity in your life, the more confidence you will exude!

Eventually, you won’t even need to consciously remind yourself of these new habits because they’ll become second nature!

Positive affirmations really work if used often as a self-coaching tool. It doesn’t take much either; just 5 minutes each day writing down 3 positive things about yourself can improve self-esteem and mental health.

Remember: improving your mental health improves home organization!

2. Get Rid Of Things You Don’t Need/Use

One reason clutter occurs in homes is that many people believe owning things makes them happier. While having items you enjoy can make you feel good temporarily by providing pleasurable sensory experiences, buying new items doesn’t lead to long-term happiness.

Too much stuff leads to stress, which drains our energy and makes us unhappy instead of happy. How does getting rid of all these extra things help my home organization processes?

Getting rid of excess possessions helps reduce stress caused by worrying about what-ifs and gives us more space. Cleaning out rooms mentally allows us to mentally purge clutter brain from our brains! We get to clear physical and metaphorical spaces without ever leaving our homes!

4 Tips to Overcoming A Toxic Mindset

Because organizing your house can seem like such a huge task you might procrastinate doing anything about it. However, by cleaning up little areas of your house you create room to breathe which increases productivity.

Then when you’ve done small cleanings and feel proud of yourself you don’t want to let yourself or your family down so you pick up another item here and there. Before you know it, your entire house is organized!

3. Make A Schedule And Follow Through With Organizing On Each Day

Once you’ve picked a time that works for you and your family, put it in your schedule and follow through!

4 Tips to Overcoming A Toxic Mindset

Trust me, once you start seeing the progress you’re going to want to keep going.

Try to spend about 30 minutes per day for a few days a week or whatever works for you!

4. Plan Out Your Strategy

Rather than diving in and making a mess of your drawers and closets, take time to plan out your strategy. Use baskets to contain items that should stay together, but don’t necessarily belong together in drawers or closets.

For example, use a basket for underwear and socks!

4 Tips to Overcoming A Toxic Mindset

Using baskets for clothing is an efficient way to stay organized while still having everything easily accessible.

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