Create Small Wins

5 Ways to Create Small Wins in Your Day

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We’re creatures of habit, so it’s easy to fall into a rut, doing what we’ve always done and going where we always go. Over time, though, these little habits can leave us feeling trapped. It may be hard to imagine, but breaking free from these patterns actually makes our lives easier and more enjoyable; sometimes it just takes being mindful enough to step back and think about things differently.

Small changes can make big differences—and they add up over time! And with that in mind: here are five ways you can create small wins in your day-to-day life. Take steps toward achieving each one (or all) today, and watch your everyday routine get easier.

1. Go To Bed 15 Minutes Earlier

Yes, early to bed—and early to rise—makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. Not only will you feel more rested in the morning, but by getting an earlier start on your day, you’ll also free up time for yourself or your family later on.

5 Ways to Create Small Wins in Your Day

It might be tempting to stay up a little longer when you have lots to do, but it’s better in the long run if you can build that extra time into your routine. And while you may worry about falling asleep at first, once you’re used to turning off the TV or computer at a certain hour every night, it’ll become easier; don’t worry if it takes some time—you know how important sleep is!

2. Leave 10 Minutes Earlier Every Day

While not so obvious as adding fifteen minutes to your daily schedule, leaving early every now and then can make all of the difference in your day-to-day life.

If you leave just five minutes earlier than usual each day, over a month it adds up to 40 extra minutes—which could be spent doing something nice for yourself or someone else.

3. Spend 5 Minutes Meditating Each Morning

Meditation isn’t just about quieting your mind—it can actually improve cognitive functions and help you with decision-making, among other things!

5 Ways to Create Small Wins in Your Day

To get started, spend five minutes at home or work setting aside office hours in which you can sit still, breathe deeply, and clear your head. Make sure to maintain good posture during these sessions: sit comfortably upright without hunching forward or slouching backward.

4. Write Down One Positive Thought Every Evening

Sounds simple, right? It is! Just think back to something positive that happened to you today and write it down; whether it was a compliment from another person or any act of kindness, take note and remember it.

Writing down your thoughts doesn’t just keep them fresh in your memory—the very act of writing makes us more mindful of what we wrote as well as our lives in general.

5. Schedule A Weekly Meeting With Yourself

Before going out to dinner tonight, carve out some time where you can turn off your phone and look back over everything you accomplished that week.

Take notes on what went well and what didn’t go so well; did you meet your goals? What steps are needed to achieve those goals next week? What lessons did you learn along the way?

Most importantly, plan your upcoming week. When you’ve finished looking ahead, reward yourself by planning something special for next weekend. You deserve it! If you feel like taking your self-appreciation even further, consider keeping a journal to document your efforts and reflect on your accomplishments at the end of each week.

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